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House With Laughing Windows R2 (Uk Import) - Avati, Pupi
Releasedatum: 19 november 2012

Often mentioned yet rarely seen, director Pupi Avati's legendary cult horror masterpiece finally gets the release it deserves: restored and remastered under the director's supervision, it is presented with new audio, new improved subtitles plus a new exclusive interview with Avati - making this the definitive release of this exquisite masterpiece.

Stefano, a young artist, arrives in a tranquil Italian village to restore the local church's fresco of the St. Sebastian martyr - depicting the saint's bloody body slashed by arrows - painted some years earlier by a deranged local artist who, the villagers hint, created snuff paintings by torturing his models who were in the throes of dying when he painted them!

Gradually Stefano discovers the rumours about the painter might be true, as the village's gruesome and taboo secret unravels into a seething web of madness, gory deaths and unspeakable horror culminating in a final diabolical twist and jaw-dropping conclusion.

Special Features

- New visuals & New audio (Original Mono & Dolby 5.1 Italian Audio.)
- Restored under the supervision of the director
- New improved sub-titles
- Includes brand new exclusive Interview with Director Pupi Avati,
- Theatrical Trailer
- Shameless Trailer park

€ 25.99

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