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House Of The Long Shadows R2 (Uk Import) - Walker, Pete
Releasedatum: 17 september 2012

The story takes place deep within the Welsh countryside where there stands a deserted mansion that seems to cast a long shadow over the land. Outside the rain comes down in violent torrents while inside, the musty air hangs undisturbed. Dust on the decrepit furniture is testament to decades of abandonment. Lightning filters through the boarded windows, illuminating the dark shroud that envelops everything, turning each room into an abyss.

Years of quiet vigil are broken by an intruder, a young writer spurred on by a wager, has come seeking solitude and the atmosphere in which he will compose a novel within 24 hours. The house seems a propitious setting for his needs---or is it?

He has arrived on the eve of a strange reunion that unites an ancient family with its cursed existence. He is forewarned of possible danger by a woman who mysteriously enters the strange surroundings.Soon they are both embroiled in the family's secret as one by one the members of the family are murdered and the mystery draws menacingly closer.

Audio commentary with director Pete Walker

Feature length 'making of' documentary - House of The Long Shadows... revisited

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