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Devil Within Her, The (Region 0) - Sasdy, Peter
Releasedatum: 20 september 2011

Hollywood legend JOAN COLLINS teams up with cult stars DONALD PLEASENCE and CAROLINE MUNRO in this terrifying tale of a demonic baby! Lucy (Collins, DYNASTY, LAND OF THE PHAROAHS) is a former dancer, having moved up in the world via marriageto the wealthy Gino Carlesi (Ralph Bates, HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA), and now comfortably
settled down. Lucy is expecting and when the time comes, she goes to the hospital to give birth to the baby. It proves to be a protracted,dangerous, and painful delivery as the baby is a hefty 12-pounder. The new-born infant is no ordinary baby, either, as it slashes Lucy uponleaving the womb. The baby soon attacks the nanny, demolishes the nursery, and likely had a hand in the mysterious death of a nurse.

Gino’s sister Albana (Eileen Atkins, EQUUS, CRANFORD, GOSFORD PARK), a nun, arrives from her convent in Italy to visit her newnephew and immediately sees that all is not well. She suspects that the killer baby is the actual spawn of Satan! As the devil baby continues its murderous rampage and the body count rises, will anyone be able to stop THE DEVIL WITHIN HER? Also starring Donald Pleasence (HALLOWEEN, THX 1138), Caroline Munro (STAR CRASH) and John Steiner (YOR THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE), THE DEVIL WITHIN HER is a terrifying tale that will have you gasping in horror.

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