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Upstairs & Downstairs (Region 1) - Thomas, Ralph
Releasedatum: 3 mei 2011

Richard Barrie (Michael Craig) and wife Kate (Anne Heywood) are a pair of newlyweds. Kate s father, and Richard s boss, Mansfield (James Robertson Justice) insists that the couple take on domestic help in order to continue entertaining his rich clients. Who would have thought that finding help would be so much fun! A man crazy Italian beauty, a stumbling alcoholic maid with a sheepdog and even a retired elderly couple bent on robbing a local bank make up just the beginning of the quest. The circus of a search continues until Swedish beauty Ingrid (Mylene Demongeot) enters the Barrie household. Her domestic abilities are spectacular and when Ingrid enters the party in her blue dress, well, let s just say that s when the fun really begins. Watch for appearances from Claudia Cardinale and Joan Hixson.

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