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Once A Jolly Swagman R2 (Uk Import) - Lee, Jack
Releasedatum: 24 januari 2011

Once A Jolly Swagman is a British classic released on DVD for the first time. Centred around the sport of speedway racing (and filmed at New Cross, home to speedway from 1934 to 1963) this British gem captures genuine speedway history and hi-lights the popularity of the sport at that time. Starring a brilliant young and upcoming British star cast: Dirk Bogarde, Thora Hird, Sid James and Bill Compo Owen, Once A Jolly Swagman bursts an authentic touch of nostalgia and captures the post war spirit. Dirk Bogarde plays Bill Fox, a local factory worker. Tired of his monotonous job Bill defies his parents wishes and takes a job as a novice at the local speedway. Through the help of his manager (Sid James) Bill quickly gains success, fame and attention at the track through his daring driving. Here he meets Dotty, a glamorous society woman. As he moves into a new and exciting social circle, Bill is quick to forget his roots and his girlfriend Pat. After a sequence of quarrels with Dotty, Bill soon becomes aware of the shallowness of his existence forcing him to face a dilemma..... carry on racing and loose the woman he truly loves, or marry Pat and leave racing behind.

€ 13.99

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