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Quay Brothers - Institute Benjamenta Rb (Uk Import)
Releasedatum: 17 mei 2010

Jakob von Gunten (Mark Rylance) is admitted to The Institute Benjamenta, a peculiar and isolated school for servants. Whilst learning the submissive art of servitude, Jakob gradually uncovers the Institute s secrets. Adapted from a novel by remarkable Swiss writer Robert Walser, Institute Benjamenta is the striking live-action feature debut off the acclaimed animators, the Quay Brothers. Their distinctive style, enriched by Nic Knowland s beautifully controlled photography and Larry Sider s exquisite soundscapes, breathes life into every aspect of this dream-like anti-fairytale .<br><br>

Extra Features:

Dual Format Edition: Includes both the Blu-ray and the DVD of the film and extras

Inside the Institute: an in-between world (BFI, 2010, c.30 mins): a brand new documentary about the making of the film, featuring actors Mark Rylance, Alice Krige, as well as the directors, writer, DoP and film editor.

Original trailer

Eurydice - She, So Beloved (Quay Brothers, 2007, 12 mins): Monteverdi s opera L Orfeo

The Comb (Quay Brothers, 1990, 17 mins): this short animation explores some of the themes of Institute Benjamenta

On-set footage (15 mins, DVD only)

Songs for Dead Children (Quay Brothers / Steve Martland, 2003, 23 mins): Steve Martland s Street Songs as seen by the visionary animators

Fully illustrated booklet containing newly commissioned essays, biographies and stills by celebrated photographer Jill Furmanovsky.

€ 16.99

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