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Invasion Of Carol Enders & Come Die (Region 1) - Mystery Movie Double Feature:
Releasedatum: 18 mei 2010
COME DIE WITH ME: When wealthy Frank Burr (Charles Macaulay) refuses to lend money to his deadbeat brother Walter (George Maharis), Walter murders him in a fit of rage. Spinster housekeeper Mary Thatcher (Eileen Brennan), who has secretly loved Walter for many years, is a witness to the crime and seizes the opportunity to blackmail Walter into a forced love affair - but first she must pry Walter away from his girlfriend (Kathryn Leigh Scott).

THE INVASION OF CAROL ENDERS: While on a date with her boyfriend, Carol Enders (Meredith Baxter) is nearly killed by a mugger. Awaking from a coma, Carol is possessed by the spirit of Diana Bernard, who died from a mysterious car accident at the exact moment of Carol's revival. Through Carol, Diana attempts to convince her doctor-husband that she is still alive and that her accident was an attempted murder by someone close to them.

€ 24.99

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