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Age Of Consent R2 (Uk Import) - Powell, Michael
Releasedatum: 10 november 2008
Disillusioned with life, celebrated artist Bradley Morahan (James Mason) retreats to the solitude of a tropical island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The island, however, turns out to be far from uninhabited. Bradley soon stumbles upon Cora, played by Helen Mirren (The Queen), a beautiful, highly spirited teenage girl who lives with her alcoholic grandmother. Cora dreams of escaping the island and running away to the bright lights of Brisbane. Inspired by the young girl, Bradley starts to paint naked portraits of her. To Cora, it's an innocent way to earn money and finally escape the island. To him, Cora is a fresh source of artistic inspiration. Others, though, may see their relationship differently...

The last film made by celebrated director Michael Powell - and filmed on location on Australia's stunning Great Barrier Reef - Age Of Consent is a sensuous and sophisticated film classic, available now on DVD for the very first time Includes original theatrical trailer

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