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Sabu: Savage Drums / Jungle Hell (Region 1) - Berke/Cerf
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2010
Jungle Hell: Still playing a "Jungle Boy" in his 30s, the inimitable Sabu of Thief of Bagdad fame made an unsuccessful 1950s stab at TV stardom, with the unsold episodes morphing into this feature-length film instead. As usual he's up to his diaper-loincloth in trouble as the jungles of India bristle with danger, from a wicked witch doctor to rogue elephants and from radioactive rocks--TO A FLYING SAUCER! David Bruce (The Mad Ghoul) and K.T. Stevens (Missile to the Moon) co-star. 78 min / B&W / 1964. Savage Drums: Startling thrills and primitive passions as Sabu, a boxer training for a light heavyweight championship fight in Los Angeles, is implored to return to his Indo-Chinese island home and help rid the area of Communist sympathizers. As Red Chinese troops prepare to invade the island, Sabu and his fight manager Sid Melton stand up for democracy! 72 min / B&W / 1951. Bonus Features: Interview with Margia Dean, Trailers. Product Specs: DVD9; Dolby Digital Stereo ; 150 minutes; B&W; 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio; Year - 1951, 1964

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