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Sleepwalking Land R2 ((Aka Terra Sonambula) Uk Import) - Prata, Teresa
Releasedatum: 22 maart 2010
In early-'90s Mozambique, following the dissipation of that country's infamous civil war, a sensitive boy named Muidinga (Nick Lauro Teresa) struggles to survive without the presence of his parents -- who have long since disappeared, their whereabouts unknown. So begins Teresa Prata's gentle, compassionate drama SLEEPWALKING LAND. As the story commences, Muidinga happens upon a diary found near a lifeless corpse that speaks of a woman on a ship seeking her estranged son. Certain that the woman in question is his mother, Muidinga embarks on a long journey in search of her, and soon gains the support and assistance of a traveling companion, the elderly Tuahir. Tuahir expresses his belief in Muidinga's quest -- but fails to recognize Muidinga's propensity for inventing stories from the diary. As background questions linger of the tale's legitimacy, the two travelers set out on a long trek from one refugee camp to another, hoping to find at least some trace of the woman who brought Muidinga into the world.

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