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A Dog Of Flanders R2 (Uk Import) - Clarck, James B.
Releasedatum: 8 maart 2010
This joyful classic, is a story about a young Dutch boy Nello (David Ladd) and his grandfather (Donald Crisp) who find a badly beaten dog (star of Disney's Old Yeller), with near fatal wounds and valiantly fight to restore him to health.

The young Nello dreams of becoming a great painter until the death of his devoted grandfather. He assumes his aspirations of studying the classical work of Reubens are shattered until an artist Theodore Bikel befriends him and helps him to realise his dream.
,br> This heartwarming masterpiece is a poignant, emotional drama. A Dog of Flanders is a timeless story that all ages can enjoy, weep and rejoice at.

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