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Dwando (Region 1) - Ghosh, Suman
Releasedatum: 15 maart 2010
Physically un-stimulated software developer Aneek Bose moves to the United States with his spouse Sudipta for a 6 months assignment. During this tenure Sudipta gets entangled with another software engineer Rana, & hopes to divorce Aneek & remarry her latest love interest. But after returning to India, things go awry. Aneek’s illness is diagonised as brain tumer & Sudipta estimates that she has become pregnant with Rana’s issue in her womb. At this crossroad, Sudipta submerges in a conflict. She fails to evaluate whether she would remain with her ailing & decaying husband, or would leave him to die & marry off Rana with the yet to be born. To become precise & confirm about the outcome of Aneek’s future, Sudipta approaches the doctor in charge of the case, Ashok Mukherjee. Dr. Mukherjee himself appears to be an egoist maverick, lambasting anything contrary to his ethics, discipline or belief. Nevertheless he perches as the best neurosurgeon in Kolkata. Sudipta directly encroaches at Dr. Mukherjee’s residence. Initially the lonely drunken egoist disagrees to meet him, but after Sudipta’s resilience, he gives in. The 2 slowly succumb to an aura of peace when Sudipta opens up her dilemma & asks whether Aneek’s tumer is malignant or curable. Dr. Mukherjee discloses some sentiment & painful incidents of his past life (about how his new born daughter expired in his hands, & his wife died while giving birth) & proves the value of an innocent unborn life. In the end Dr. Mukherjee lies to Sudipta by saying that Aneek has no chance to survive (while in reality he knew that Aneek’s tumer was easily curable). He did this only to make sure that Sudipta did not go through an abortion for staying on with Aneek. Sudipta moves on with the idea of marrying Rana & giving birth to her unborn child.

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