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Barbados Quest/I'm A Stranger R2 (Uk Import) - Williams & Knowles
Releasedatum: 22 februari 2010
Barbados Quest: After being conned into buying a forgery of the famous Barbados Overprint stamp an avid collector hires private detective Tom Martin (Tom Conway) to track down the source of the forgeries in London. In a race again time and with danger round every corner Martin and his faithful sidekick Barney (Michael Balfour) must solve the case before the body count rises...

I'm a Stranger: George (Patrick Doonan) arrives in London from India to claim a sizeable inheritance only to discover his grandfather's will is missing. A film star (Greta Gynt), a window cleaner (James Hayter) and a police inspector (Hector Ross) help him defeat the disinherited branch of the family and find the will, but is George all he seems...

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