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Un Jeu Brutal/De Bruit Et De Fureur (Uk Import) - Brisseau, Jean-Claude
Releasedatum: 8 februari 2010
Un Jeu Brutal (1983)

Brisseau's fascinating tale takes the most unsympathetic character imaginable, the child killer Tessier (Bruno Cremer), and pleads his case.

Tessier, a scientist, has a rebellious handicapped adolescent daughter. His fury about her plight may be behind his earlier murderous spree against children who vandalised his lab. His treatment of his daughter is strict to the point of sadism. None the less, Tessier evokes pity as much as revulsion. He's a shy, taciturn figure who has lost his moral bearings.

A deeply unsettling character study, Un Jeu Brutal is anchored by Cremer's brooding performance, and freshened by the Bu˝uel-like surrealist touches and the director's resolute avoidance of serial-killer movie conventions.

De Bruit Et De Fureur (1988)

A highly distinguished drama and considered an important entry in French cinema's new naturalism from filmmaker Jean-Claude Brisseau, this drama presents a shocking but humanistic look at the tragic lives of impoverished children living in the Paris projects.

Bruno is a teenaged boy who has just moved into a high-rise project with his hard-working mother. Barely earning enough to support them takes all of her time. She communicates with Bruno via tender notes. Other than those brief missives and his pet bird, Bruno is alone. The apartment is located in one of the city's roughest suburbs and Bruno's involvement with crime seems inevitable. Shortly after he is befriended by the streetwise, battered and deeply troubled Jean-Roger, Bruno is out thieving, destroying property and harming people with a vengeance.

These boys are not devoid of humane qualities. One of their teachers, a young idealistic woman, recognizes their potential and tries vainly to save the boys, but by the time she gets involved it is too late for Bruno and Jean-Roger. Though deep down they may have wanted only love, help and guidance, the brutal, unloving world around them is all-consuming.

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