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Katyn R2 (Uk Import) - Andrezej, Wajda
Releasedatum: 5 oktober 2009
Katyn is the story of Polish army officers murdered by the Russian secret police in the Katyń forest during the Second World War and the families who, unaware of the crime, were still waiting for their husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers to return. It is a film about the continuing struggle over History and memory, and an uncompromising exploration of the Russian cover up of the massacre that prevented the Polish people from commemorating those that had been killed.
Little over a month after the German invasion of Poland, at the beginning of World War Two, The Red Army began an incursion into Polish territory from the east. With most of eastern Poland soon under Soviet control nearly quarter of a million Polish officers, regular soldiers and policemen found themselves in Russian internment camps.
Anna, the wife of an Uhlan Regiment Captain, waits for her husband, and although initially she is in denial of his death, receives undisputable evidence of his murder by the Russians. The wife of a General learns of her husband's death after the Germans discover mass graves of Polish officers in the Katyń Forest and attempt to use her story as war propaganda. Agnieszka, the sister of a pilot who has met the same fate as the other Polish soldiers, is broken-hearted by the silence and lies told about the crime. The Captain's friend Jerzy, who has entered the ranks of the Polish People's Army after escaping the massacre, struggles to adjust to life under Russian occupation. What will become of these women, waiting for their beloved in the Polish state and who are dependent on Soviet Russia? Will the ideas of homeland and freedom retain the same meaning for those who have accepted the new system?

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