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Phantom Carriage/Image Makers R2 (Uk Import) - 2 Disc Set
Releasedatum: 11 februari 2008
A double bill of cinematic legends - Victor Sjostrom's 1921 classic, followed by Ingmar Bergman's dramatised tribute.
Directed by pioneering Swedish film-maker Victor Sjostrom, 'The Phantom Carriage' is a horror story relating the legend that whoever is the last person to die on New Year's Eve will be destined to drive the Phantom Carriage, collecting dead souls for a year. When a drunkard is found at the stroke of midnight, the victim of a vicious fight, he is forced to relive his past to see how he and those around him have been destroyed by his selfish and destructive ways.
Bergman's film 'The Image Makers' is a tribute to his mentor and to the film which inspired him to become a film-maker. Set in the 1920s at the Swedish film studios, the great silent director Sjostrom is nearing completion of The Phantom Carriage, a cinematic adaptation of a popular novel, and has invited the book's authoress, along with the film's leading actress, to look at some early scenes. But, when both women claim to know the story and the characters best, a psychological battle arises which threatens to destabilise the whole project.

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