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Renoir, Jean - Partie De Campagne (1946) Rb (Uk Import)
Releasedatum: 11 september 2023

Partie De Campagne (Blu-ray)
Director: Jean Renoir

Finally released in 1946, 10 years after it was shot, Jean Renoir’s Partie de campagne was hailed as one of the great unfinished masterpieces. Since then, this masterly adaption of Guy de Maupassant story has grown in reputation to the point where it is counted among Renoir’s best-loved films.

On a country picnic, a young woman leaves her family and fiancé for a while and succumbs to an all-too-brief romance. In its bittersweet lyricism, tenderness, poetic feel for nature, tolerant satire of bourgeois conventions and poignant sense of the transience of innocence and love, the film seems to distil the essence of all that is most personal to Renoir’s art. Partie de campagne was digitised and restored by Les Films du Panthéon with Les Films du Jeudi and La Cinémathèque française, with the support of the CNC and the contribution of the Fonds Culturel Franco-Américain (DGA-MPA-SACEM-WGAW).





‘This lyrical tragedy rates with Renoir’s greatest…visually it recaptures the impressionist period’ --Pauline Kael

‘Witty and sensuous, it’s pure magic’ --Geoff Andrew

€ 28.99

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