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Tavernier, Bernard - Round Midnight (1986) Rb (Criterion Collection Uk Import)
Releasedatum: 9 mei 2022

In the 1950s, noted New York saxophonist Dale Turner (Dexter Gordon) was losing his battles with substance abuse, and sought a needed change of scenery in Paris. Befriended by a local fan, graphic artist Francis Borler (Francois Cluzet), Dale gets clean... but whether he can maintain once back in the States, even with Francis' help, might be another matter. Bertrand Tavernier's acclaimed study also stars Lonette McKee, Gabrielle Haker and Herbie Hancock. 131 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English DTS HD 5.1 Master Audio, PCM stereo; Subtitles: English (SDH); making-of documentary "Before Midnight" (1986); featurettes; theatrical trailer; more. In English and French with English subtitles.


    François Cluzet Dexter Gordon Gabrielle Haker Sandra Reaves-Phillips Lonette McKee Christine Pascal Herbie Hancock Liliane Rovere John Berry Arnaud Chevrier Bertrand Tavernier Billy Higgins Charles Belonzi Cheikh Tidiane Fall David Rayfiel Davout Studio Eric Le Lann Freddie Hubbard Guy Louret Jacques Poitrenaud Luc Sarot Marpessa Djian Michel Perez Noel Simsolo Palle Mikkelborg Pascal Tedes Patrick Massieu Philippe Moreau Pierre Michelot Bobby Hutcherson Pierre Trabaud Frederique Meininger Martin Scorsese Ged Marlon Benoit Regent Victoria Platt Arthur French John McLaughlin Ron Carter Tony Williams Jimmy Slyde Pascale Vignal
    Bertrand Tavernier
    Dan Nuxoll Irwin Winkler Tom Tavee

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