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Pabst, G.w. (1927) - The Love Of Jeanne Ney (With Bookle (Uk Import)
Releasedatum: 6 december 2021

An epic of the Weimar cinema,The Love of Jeanne Neyfollows a young French woman’s struggle for happiness amid the political turbulence and corruption of post-World War I Europe.


A tour de force for director G. W. Pabst (Diary of a Lost Girl, Pandora’s Box), the film blends a variety of cinematic approaches as it weaves its complex narrative of moral chaos and political upheaval: the “American Style,” evocative of the Hollywood studio blockbuster; the avant-garde techniques of Soviet montage; as well as the eerie moving camerawork and shadowy perspectives typical of German Expressionism. The result is a stunning cinematic experiment that never fails to surprise the viewer as it races towards its exhilarating conclusion. Available for the first time in the UK, the Masters of Cinema Series is proud to presentThe Love of Jeanne Neyon Blu-ray.




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"an ambitious attempt to synthesize Soviet montage, Hollywood action-melodrama, and German mise-en-scène." – American Film Critic J. Hoberman

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