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Schlesinger, John - Sunday Bloody Sunday Rb (1971) (Uk Import Blu-Ray + Dvd)
Releasedatum: 16 maart 2020

Sunday Bloody Sunday (Blu-ray)
Directed by John Schlesinger

John Schlesinger's brilliantly observed suburban drama finds a recent divorcée (Glenda Jackson) and a middle-aged Jewish doctor (Peter Finch) in a progressive love triangle with a bisexual artist (Murray Head). Both discover a new freedom with their young lover, as they confront the conventions that have defined their lives.

A penetrating portrait of middle-class mores and permissiveness in 1970s London, its depiction of bisexuality transformed LGBTQ+ representation on screen. Featuring BAFTA-winning performances by Finch and Jackson, Sunday Bloody Sunday is both a tender character study and a complex exploration of the politics of love, lust and longing.

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