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Hot Breath - Rubbery Lips
Releasedatum: 9 april 2021

Wes Anderson first illustrated his lovingly detailed, slightly surreal cinematic vision (with co writer Owen Wilson) in this visually witty and warm portrait of three young misfits. Best friends Anthony (Luke Wilson), Dignan (Owen Wilson), and Bob (Robert Musgrave) stage a wildly complex, mildly successful robbery of a small bookstore, then go on the lam. During their adventures, Anthony falls in love with a South American housekeeper, Inez (Lumi Cavazos), and they befriend local thief extraordinaire Mr. Henry (James Caan). Bottle Rocket is a charming, hilarious, affectionate look at the folly of dreamers, shot against radiant southwestern backdrops, and the film that put Anderson and the Wilson brothers on the map.


    Luke Wilson Robert Musgrave Owen Wilson Lumi Cavazos James Caan Andrew Wilson Shea Fowler Haley Miller Brian Tenenbaum Jenni Tooley Darryl Cox Jim Ponds Wes Anderson Ned Dowd Julie Mayfield Melinda Renna Richard Reyes Julio Cedillo Teddy Wilson Takayuki Kubota Donny Caicedo Kumar Pallana Jill Parker-Jones Hector Garcia
    Wes Anderson
    Julian Murphy Polly Platt Richard Sakai Cynthia Hargrave James L. Brooks

€ 26.99

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