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Independencia R2 (Uk Import) - Martin, Raya
Releasedatum: 11 augustus 2014

This unique alternate-history fable from acclaimed Filipino director Raya Martin re-imagines his country's history as an elemental humanist epic.

Fleeing the American invasion of the Philippines in the early 20th Century, a mother and son retreat into the jungle where they make a home. Time passes; a wounded woman is rescued; the mother dies; a child is born. The family survive isolated from the growing chaos engulfing their country, but a storm approaches that threatens their existence as American troops draw nearer.

Ingeniously staged on studio sets that evoke the lost period of early and silent cinema, Independencia's mesmerising visual aesthetic creates a lush metaphor for the mythical history and identity of the Philippines.

Second Run's release also features the world premiere of a new short film, created exclusively for this release by director Raya Martin.

DVD Extra's:

DVD Special Features
World premiere of exclusive new short film
Excerpt from INDEPENDENCIA 86: The Lost Film of Arturo Madlangbayan re-edited by Miko Revereza and Raya Martin
HD digital transfer with restored picture and sound, approved by the director
Behind the Scenes the making of Independencia
Raya Martin's experimental silent short Track Projections (2007)
Exclusive DVD ROM features original English script PDF + MP3 theme song
16-page booklet featuring a new essay on the film by Antoine Thirion
New and improved English subtitle translation
Released for the first time on home video in the English-speaking world.
Region 0

€ 22.99

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