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Three Faces West (Region 1) - Vorhaus, Bernard
Releasedatum: 14 mei 2013

John Wayne (Rio Grande) stars in this romantic drama packed with action, suspense and intrigue. He plays John Phillips, the resident leader of a weather-ravaged Dust Bowl town who welcomes a gifted surgeon, Dr. Karl Braun (Charles Coburn) and his lovely daughter, Leni (Sigrid Gurie) into his community. Dr. Braun and his daughter are refugees fleeing from the Nazis oppressed Austria and are looking to carve out a new existence for themselves. After barely surviving two horrendous sand storms, the town's residence look to move the whole town to fertile new grounds in Oregon and John is the man to lead them to the new frontier. Directed by Bernard Vorhaus (Lady From Louisiana) and beautifully shot by the great John Alton (Border Incident) with a rousing score by Victor Young (Johnny Guitar).

€ 27.99

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