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Name Of The Game Is Kill (Region 1) - Hellstrom, Gunnar
Releasedatum: 30 april 2013

"""You can't buy a ticket to see this movie... unless you pledge not to reveal the surprise shock ending"", exclaimed the promotional campaign for film distributor JOE SOLOMON's 1968 psychological thriller, ""THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL"", from screenwriter, GARY CRUTCHER (""STANLEY""), and television director, GUNNAR HELLSTROM (""GUNSMOKE""). After being lost for over four decades, audiences will at last be able to experience this drive-in suspense film on a special edition DVD, restored for archival film elements and loaded with EXCLUSIVE bonus features. While hitchhiking along a desert highway in rural Arizona, Hungarian refugee and drifter (JACK LORD- ""HAWAII 5-0"") is given a lift by an attractive young girl (SUSAN STRASBERG-""THE TRIP"") to a nearby 'ghost town'. There her family, consisting of her two sisters and their estranged mother, manage an old gas station. One by one, the sisters reveal to him clues to their shattered past. Slowly, the drifter becomes entangled in their web of deceit and desire, leading to ""one of the most surprise shock endings ever filmed!"" Co-starring COLLIN WILCOX (""TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD"") and TISHA STERLING (""COOGAN'S BLUFF""), this 1960's drive-in thriller will keep you spellbound! Photographed by Academy Award winning cinematographer, VILMOS ZSIGMOND (""CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND""), and assembled by acclaimed editor, LOU LOMBARDO (""THE WILD BUNCH""), this long lost cult masterpiece contains ""shock sequences reminiscent of Hitchcock's 'PSYCHO'"". (Film Daily)" Bonus Features: Introduction by documentary filmmaker Daniel Griffith., Audio commentary with screenwriter Gary Crutcher, moderated by Daniel Griffith., PSYCHO'S SISTER: MAKING THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL" - An ALL-NEW making of documentary featuring EXCLUSIVE interviews with screenwriter Gary Crutcher ("STANLEY"), cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond ("DELIVERANCE"), composer Stu Phillips ("BATTLESTAR GALACTICA"), film director/historian Joe Dante ("GREMLINS"), writer/film historian Tim Lucas (VIDEO WATCHDOG), and MORE!, "SCHLOCKMEISTER: JOE SOLOMON ON REELS" - The cinematic history of producer/distributor Joe Solomon... told through trailers. Featuring audio commentary by film historian Chris Poggiali (TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK)., Extensive Promotional Gallery, Rare TV Spot and More!, Bonus Materials Produced by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures Product Specs: DVD-9; Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono; English Subtitles; RT - 84 minutes; Color; Aspect Ratio - 1.78:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic; Year - 1968;

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