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Where Danger Lives R2 (Uk Import) - Farrow, John
Releasedatum: 10 september 2012

Oscar-nominated Robert Mitchum and Faith Domergue star in this hard-edged 1950 Film Noir thriller with a powerful sting in the tail. Dr Jeff Cameron (Robert Mitchum) breaks the golden rule when he falls in love with his patient, the beautiful heiress Margot Lannington (Faith Domergue). After a whirlwind romance, he goes to confront her father who seems determined to separate them. Five minutes later he receives the biggest shock of his life and Edward Lannington (Claude Rains) lies dead... Now Jeff and Margot are on the run for murder, with 500 miles of bad road between them and the Mexican border. It is a road with many sudden twists and chilling revelations - as Jeff begins to realise that Margot has more secrets she s keeping from him... Scripted by Hitchcock favourite Charles Bennett and guaranteed to keep audiences guessing until the very last minute, Where Danger Lives has been digitally restored and remastered and is available to own on UK DVD for the very first time.

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