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Pasolini, Pier Paolo - Medea Rb (Uk Import)
Releasedatum: 5 december 2011


A film by Pier Paolo Pasolini

A mythical tale of Love, betrayal and revenge, Medea is a fascinating collision of Freudian and Marxist themes from Italy's most controversial director. Adapted from the Euripidean drama, Pasolini s disturbing vision of personal and national conflict stars operatic legend Maria Callas in the title role, offering an extraordinary performance as the high priestess Medea whose love is threatened by corrupt political ambition. A vivid and aesthetically challenging vision, Medea is a complex blend of classical mythology and contemporary social criticism.

Pasolini s sense of joy, poetry and composition are a constant inspiration to me. Martin Scorsese

Special Features

Dual Format Edition: includes both the Blu-ray and the DVD of the film and the extras

Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition

Original Italian language version

Optional English language dub

Original Italian and English trailers

Illustrated booklet with critical writing, biography and film credits

All films remastered to High Definition

€ 30.99

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