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Dersu Uzala R2 (Uk Import) - Kurosawa, Akira
Releasedatum: 5 december 2011

The legendary Akira Kuraosawa s Oscar-winning classic his only film produced outside of Japan is an extraordinary tale of friendship and survival, based on the memoirs of Russian explorer Vladimir Arseniev. In the harsh environs of the Siberian frontier, an expedition led by Arseniev encounters the nomadic Goldi tribesman Dersu Uzala, who agrees to lead the en through the vast uncharted wilderness. Although initially considered by the group as little more than a savage, Dersu s skill, courage and spiritual wisdom soon earn their respect and admiration, as well as instilling in them a new-found compassion for the natural world. Kurosawa s remarkable and visually stunning humanist epic bears the unmistakable hallmarks of the great filmmaking master.

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