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Secret Beyond The Door R2 (Uk Import) - Lang, Fritz
Releasedatum: 14 november 2011

When Celia (Joan Bennett, Scarlet Street ) marries architect Mark Lamphere (Michael Redgrave, The Lady Vanishes ) after a whirlwind romance, life seems blissful - but all is not as it appears. Her husband's mansion contains re-creations of rooms in which infamous murders took place and his previous wife died in strange circumstances. Is the young bride's imagination overactive, or do the opulent walls hide a sinister secret - and why is one room always kept locked?

Fritz Lang's atmospheric romantic thriller is now available for the first time in a definitive, remastered edition featuring a collector's booklet with film notes and specially-commissioned articles, an extensive stills and poster gallery and rare on-set photographs.

Includes English subtitles for the hard of hearing.


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