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Trenchard-Smith, Brian - Bmx Bandits (Bluray Regionfree)
Releasedatum: 15 maart 2011
After THE OTHERS, Quentin Tarantino says, this is my favorite Nicole Kidman performance! The future Academy Award® winner made her movie debut at 16 years old as the pouffy-haired star of this action/comedy about a cache of stolen walkie-talkies, three BMX-riding friends, and the ruthless bank robbers who will pursue them through every graveyard, shopping mall, construction site and waterpark in New South Wales, Australia. It s a high-flying ride to adventure filled with wild stunts, cool BMX outfits, creepy innuendo, cheezy synth music, an obnoxious fat kid, and gobs of fast & furious fun. John Ley (MAD MAX), David Argue (RAZORBACK) and Bryan Marshall (THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY) co-star with thrilling cinematography from future Oscar® winner John Seale (THE ENGLISH PATIENT) in this Down Under 80s cult classic from Ozsploitation master Brian Trenchard-Smith, the legendary director of TURKEY SHOOT, DEAD-END DRIVE IN and STUNT ROCK!

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