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Love Kittens: Four Sexy Classics Fr (Region 1) - Twilight Girls/Nude Set/Sweet Ecsta
Releasedatum: 18 januari 2011

First Run Features presents a New DVD Box Set -- LOVE KITTENS: FOUR SEXY CLASSICS FROM THE '60s

When sex takes a holiday, it goes to Paris! French sex kitten Agnes Laurent plays a spoiled young provincial girl who coerces her wealthy parents into sending her to Paris. Once in Paris, Agnes discovers the bohemian nightclubs where strip-tease has become so popular - and in no time the timid country girl goes from spectator to performer!

Escaping a family scandal, a young woman enters an exclusive boarding school for girls and falls in with a clique of attractive young vixens. When one of the girls develops a crush on her, she must choose between that forbidden love and the charms of a handsome young suitor. Banned in New York, it stars Agnes Laurent and Catherine Deneuve (in her first film role).

Swedish sex bomb Elke Sommer stars in this steamy beach romance filmed on the exotic French Riviera. A young man falls in with a group of wealthy and attractive bon vivants who live a pleasure-filled existence. Soon he must choose between two women - wild Elke and a shy actress. Featuring a scintillating score by Charles Aznavour and songs by music idol Johnny Halliday.

Elke Sommer, in her last French film before beginning her American career, plays a French model who travels to Rome after being hired by its leading fashion house. In no time she meets the finest of Roman society...and becomes embroiled in a dangerous spy plot. Notable for its famous nude scene of Elke and a climax atop the Musee d'Orsay, it also features a music by jazz great Charles Aznavour.

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