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Bare Behind Bars R2 (Uk Import) - Oliveire, Osualde De
Releasedatum: 31 januari 2011

In a South American prison, life is cheap but sex is cheaper...

Filmed in South America, where life is cheap, Bare Behind Bars is a chicks-in-chains grindhouse explosion guaranteed to induce cinematic whiplash.

See sex crazed inmates come up against twisted lesbian prison guards in this camp expose of the steamy, seamy life behind the grim walls of an all women penitentiary. Beware the blond bombshell doctor, whose only desire to sate her mad lust by inflicting her affections on the vulnerable inmates and don t cross the insane warden of the institution, who s feathering her bed with the profits of a convict prostitution ring. Any prisoner who dares to cross her must face the worst kinds of sadistic tortures.

How long can the caged women of this hell hole endure such cruel and unusual punishment before they cut loose and stage a daring escape attempt?


Available on DVD for the first time in the UK

Reversible cover with newly commissioned and original artwork

Collector s booklet illustrated with original artwork and stills featuring new writing on the film by artist and publisher Robin Bougie, creator of Cinema Sewer magazine, a periodical guide to the sickest and sexiest movies ever made!

Double-sided fold-out poster featuring original artwork

Original Trailer

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