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Straight To Hell Returns (Region 1) - Cox, Alex
Releasedatum: 14 december 2010

"Straight to Hell Returns," Directed by Alex Cox, is a new version of Cox's 1986 feature "Straight To Hell". Four hapless bank robbers bury their loot and attempt to hide out in a deserted desert town. But the town is not deserted. Feasting, song, sexual tension, and inevitable deaths ensue. Featuring digitally improved violence and cruelty, six missing scenes, A new 5.1 stereo soundtrack by Academy Award Winner Richard Beggs, and a new color design by cinematographer Tom Richmond.

Norwood (SY RICHARDSON), Sims (JOE STRUMMER) and Willy (DICK RUDE) are three black-suited killers-for-hire. Paid to murder one Mr Greenburg, they oversleep and miss their target. To escape the wrath of their employer, Mr Dade (JIM JARMUSCH), they head for the desert, robbing a bank en route.

Along for the ride is Norwood's bride, Velma (COURTNEY LOVE), pregnant with Norwood's child.

When their car dies in a ravine, the robbers bury their money and head for a lonely town to hide out "till the heat blows down". A dead man in an overturned car greets them. Next morning, a horde of bandits, the McMahon clan (THE POGUES), descends upon the town.

A showdown between the hitmen and the outlaw gang is averted by the arrival of Rusty Zimmerman (ED TUDOR-POLE), who attempts to arrest Bruno McMahon
(SHANE MacGOWAN) and his brother Angel Eyes (SPIDER STACEY). The killers dispatch Rusty and his fellow bail-bondsmen, and are befriended by Frank (BIFF YEAGER), the leader of the McMahons.

An uneasy truce lasts for a couple of nights. Sims and Willy fall in love with two of the local beauties, Fabienne (JENNIFER BALGOBIN) and Louise (MICHELE WINSTANLEY). But when Sabrina McMahon (KATHY BURKE) murders the family patriarch (JEM FINER), a series of deadly events is set in train.

Mr Farben (DENNIS HOPPER) and his lovely wife Sonia (GRACE JONES) provide the killers with a suitcase full of high-tech weaponry. George, the hardware store owner (MIGUEL SANDOVAL) kills Angel Eyes. And Mr Dade arrives, offering a bounty for the heads of Norwood, Willy and Sims.

Willy and Sims flee the ensuing gun battle, abandoning Norwood and Fabienne to certain death. Velma, teaming up with Frank, outsmarts all three and makes off with the money. But Frank, an amateur mechanic, has failed to properly maintain his clutch and brakes, and he and Velma meet a fiery demise.

Norwood and Fabienne miraculously survive the destruction of the hardware store, and kill Mr Dade and his henchmen. Norwood leaves town with the women, bound for an uncertain but interesting future.

Meanwhile, a skeletal hand emerges from the smoking ruins of the store...

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