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Jess Franco's Erotic Rites Of A Vir (Region 1) - Jess Franco (2 Films)
Releasedatum: 7 december 2010

A double feature from legendary director Jess Franco! RED SILK - When a pair of female private eyes take on what appears to be a routine smuggling operation, they soon realize that they have become ensnared in a vicious art theft/kidnapping/murder and blackmail scheme. They rely more on their wiles than their wits to come out on top. SNAKEWOMAN - A publicist's agent seeks to purchase the rights to the life story and estate of cult movie icon of early 20th Century. When she meets the icon's remaining relatives living a life of hedonism, she uncovers more than skeletons in their closet...she learns that sometimes it the snake who can charm her victim.

€ 13.99

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