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Jess Franco's Naked & Dead Dolls (Region 1) - Jess Franco (2 Films)
Releasedatum: 7 december 2010

A double feature from legendary director Jess Franco! BLIND TARGET - Maria Beltran emigrated to the USA from San Hermoso at an early age & now returns as an adult after writing a best-selling novel betraying the corrupt government there. But what was planned as a simple press junket quickly evolves into a living nightmare of murder & kidnapping. Facing the perils of torture, rape & the secret police, Maria can't trust either her CIA friends or her insurgent enemies. BROKEN DOLLS - A former European actor Don Martin has retired with his disjointed "family" to his own private island, "The Paradise." After a few years, the entire group has disintegrated into shameless, selfish & dishonest personalities. The only thing keeping them together is the promise of a treasure being kept by Don Martin that will provide them all with enough riches to escape this little hell. However, Don Martin has disintegrated mentally. Is there a treasure? Is there a murderer in their midst?

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