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They Call Her Cleopatra & One Armed (Region 1) - They Call Her Cleopatra & One Armed
Releasedatum: 5 oktober 2010

One Armed Executioner
They killed the woman he loved. They mutilated him. But "The One-Armed Executioner" runs on vengeance! Franco Guerrero ("Warriors of the Apocalypse," "Death Fight") stars as Ramon, a tough and resourceful Interpol agent who incurs a drug king's wrath. Forced to watch his new bride murdered by the thugs who then cut off his left arm, Ramon sinks into a vat of booze and an even bigger pool of self pity. With the help of his friend, Wo Chen, Ramon puts himself back together so he can take apart the mob -- piece by bloody piece. A killing machine who won't rest until the job is done, "The One Armed Executioner" is the lethal force -- in action!

They Call Her Cleopatra Wong
When a ruthless gang of counterfeiters launches a plan to take over Asia, Interpol's top agent, Cleopatra Wong (Hong Kong star Marrie Lee, in her first of three appearances in the role) leaps into action. A super spy and deadly mistress of martial arts, Cleopatra is as dangerous in the field as she is irresistible in the bedroom. Hot on the counterfeiters' trail, Cleo spies, fights and loves her way from Singapore to Hong Kong to the Philippines. The action is nonstop and the danger fierce. But when Cleo's on the job it only takes one Wong to make things right.

€ 22.99

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