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Gamera Vs Barugon (Region 1) - Tanaka, Shigeo
Releasedatum: 6 juli 2010

Freed from the Z Plan capsule, Gamera attacks a dam upon his return to Earth. Meanwhile, a private expedition to retrieve a rare opal in New Guinea unwittingly unleashes the malevolent Barugon. Virtually unstoppable and able to freeze anything in its path, the monstrous lizard turns modern cities into glaciers until Gamera arrives to challenge the marauder! But even the fire-spitting terrapin becomes trapped in the creatures frozen grip. Can one of the explorers, Keisuke Hirata (Kojiro Hongo, Satans Sword), and a New Guinea native, Karen (Kyoko Enami, The Woman Gambler), help to defeat Barugon before it plunges Japan into a new Ice Age? <br><br>

Gamera Vs. Barugon, the second entry in Daiei Studios monster series, was directed by veteran Shigeo Tanaka (The Great Wall) and is more lavish than the original in terms of scale and scope it was shot in spectacular color! Noriaki Yuasa (Gamera, The Giant Monster) was charged with helming the visual effects for this outing, and the results are fantastic. For the first time, Shout! Factory presents Gamera Vs. Barugon in an all-new HD anamorphic widescreen transfer, both in Japanese with English subtitles and English audio.

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