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Prostitute R2 (1980) (Uk Import) - Garnett, Tony
Releasedatum: 25 april 2011

Tony Garnett, one of British television's most controversial and celebrated figures, is responsible for producing some of the most politically radical UK drama, and is associated with some of the most ground-breaking work with director Ken Loach.

His directorial debut, Prostitute, is the tale of two women - Sandra (Eleanor Forsythe), an ambitious but naïve Birmingham working girl who moves to London with the hopes of securing wealthier patrons, and Louise (Kate Crutchley) her social worker friend who is fighting to change the antiquated and hypocritical prostitution laws. As both women try to reach their goals, a cold dose of reality dashes their hopes, and the built-in biases against women in society are unmasked.

€ 27.99

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