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Kid With The Golden Arm (Region 1) - Cheh, Chang
Releasedatum: 11 mei 2010
Yang Yu Heng is asked by the government to escort a cargo of gold into a famine area. However, he must contend with the vicious Chi Sah gang who boast the individual talents of leader Golden Arm, plus Silver Spear, Iron Robe, and Brass Head. In order to protect the gold from their attentions, yang hires the services of swordsman Li Chin Ming and his girlfriend Miss Leng, the axe-wielding duo Yen and Feng, and drunk master Hai To. What follows is a battle of wits and strength between the protagonists, with the added dimension that the mysterious Iron Feet is also after the gold for his own purposes. But who is Iron Feet? The answer comes as something of a big surprise!

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