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Bangkok Adrenaline R2 (Uk Import) - Huber, Raimund
Releasedatum: 22 maart 2010
Bangkok, Thailand: a paradise of sin where all vices are catered for. An exotic island of hidden pleasures where the nights are long and the women are as hot as the tropical climate. It's the perfect location for a bunch of fun loving guys in search of an overseas adventure. But when a sweltering night of hardcore gambling goes horribly wrong, a group of na´ve backpackers find themselves indebted to a local mafia boss. Their only way of escaping execution is to agree to kidnap the daughter of a tyrannical millionaire. It's a deadly mission that results in them being hunted down by a merciless mafia boss, a demented tycoon and a crazed militia of martial arts assassins out for blood. Thrust into a violent criminal underworld they must fight for survival in the only way they know how...

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