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Challenge The Dragon/Needle Avenger (Region 1) - Master Lee's Drunkard Cinema
Releasedatum: 16 maart 2010
Double-bill grindhouse Kung-fu! Presented by Master of 42nd street grinhouse & president of 21st Century pictures Tom Ward! First feature: CHALLENGE THE DRAGON! Tang Lung has to battle evil bad guys who is ripping off the villagers Ginseng supplies. Tang will take them on in a non-stop battle as many impressive death occurs. Kung-fu will never be the same! Plus co-hit DRAGON VS. NEEDLES OF DEATH! See Dragon takes on a opponent who has needles (nails) as a weapon. See a bad guy's henchman who battles two of them in a 15min blazing battle! No hold barred action from the golden days of Kung-fu!

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