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Fernando Arrabal Collection 2 (Region 1) - Fernando Arrabal Collection 2
Releasedatum: 23 februari 2010
Car Cemetery (1983) -- Combining punk rock and post-apocalyptic mayhem, Arrabal's outrageous adaptation of his infamous 1958 stage play is a gallows-humor romp in a wretched dystopia. One of Arrabal's most rare and wanted films.

The Emperor of Peru (1982) -- A charming and phantasmagoric children's film that stars Mickey Rooney. Rarely seen outside of a brief theatrical run and a long out-of-print videocassette release.

And three bonus films as part of the exclusive box set -- -Farewell, Babylon! (1992) -Borges, Life of a Poet (1998) -Arrabal, Panik Cineast (2007)

SPECIAL FEATURES: -New Digital transfers, enhanced for 16x9 TVs -Interviews with Fernando Arrabal -Fernando Arrabal in Hollywood -Liner notes on each film by Rayo Casablanca -Theatrical trailers -Lobbycard galleries -New English subtitle translations for each film

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