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Ninja Assassins 4 Film Set (Region 1) - Ninja Assassins 4 Film Set
Releasedatum: 10 november 2009
Rogue ninja Hiroyuki Sanada's mission of vengeance takes him to China--and a showdown with martial arts whiz Conan Lee--in director Corey Yuen's "Ninja in the Dragon's Den" (1982). Junya Takagi, a real-life student of Sonny Chiba, uses his deadly fighting skills to avenge his father's killing in "Ninja & Dragons" (1984). Then, it'll take more than Chris Hansen and a pitcher of sweet tea "To Catch a Ninja" (1984), as cop Don Wong tracks a father-daughter crime team who join forces with a ninja to steal a priceless jade statue. Richard Harrison co-stars. AKA: "Ninja Thunderbolt." And the head of a renowned Shaolin monastery must choose between pacifism and self-preservation when he and his students find themselves under attack from ninja killers in "Ninja: The Final Duel" (1986), starring Alexander Lo, Alice Tseng, and Eugene Thomas as the "jive-talking" Black Monk. 6 hrs. total. Soundtrack: English (dubbed). Dubbed in English.

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