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Nunsploitation Collection (Region 1) - (Images/Monza/Archangel)
Releasedatum: 19 januari 2010
Images In a Convent -tells the story of a secluded convent where a diabolic statue possesses the nuns, causing them to blaspheme and commit sexual depravities. When a group of priests intervenes to try and exorcise the nuns, the presence of the men at the convent drives them to even more perverted acts. Like a more explicit and exploitative version of Ken Russell's The Devils, Images In a Convent has been called the most disturbing entry in the nunsploitation subgenre. The Nun of Monza -With the death of her illustrious father and the mental and physical decline of the Mother Superior, Sister Virginia de Leyva becomes the Mother Superior of her convent. This changing of the guard, along with a prevalent moral ambiguity, causes an upheaval among the convent's residents. Sister Virginia finds herself the target of a horny killer, who is aided by a crooked priest. When she succumbs, her authority is compromised. Plagued by lustful dreams, she strives to maintain her holiness despite the efforts of the other nuns to humiliate and overthrow her. Nuns of Saint Archangel -Behind the convent walls of St. Archangel, the Mother Superior is dying. And there are three eager candidates with selfish motives waiting to take over her duties, including Mother Giulia. All three wish to take control of land owned by the church for the benefit of their respective families. When the mother superior is poisoned, Mother Giulia assumes the role. It's not long before everything comes crashing down around her in an avalanche of greed, betrayal, torture and lesbian lust.

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