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Kickin' It Shaolin Style: 12 Movie (Region 1) - Lo Lieh , Chiu Chen
Releasedatum: 16 juli 2013

Knock yourself out with 12 high-flyin' and punch-packin' Kung-Fu Films! This thrilling collection of jaw-droppin' flicks brings together a colossal assortment of martial arts genre films from the 70s, 80s and 90s. From the ultimate Shaolin masters to the legends of Kung-Fu combat, theses cult classics of slugfest cinema are hard to find and sure to delight with high-kickin' humor and adrenaline pumpin' combats!
Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1977)

Shaolin Invincible Guys (1978)

The Cavalier (1978)

18 Shaolin Riders (1980)

Stranger from Shaolin(1981)

Shaolin Kung Fu (1974)

Fist From Shaolin (1993)

Shaolin Brothers (1977)

Rebel Of Shaolin (1977)

Shaolin Death Squad (1977)

Shaolin Super Dragon (1982)

The Magnificent (1979)

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