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Massacre Time/Sartana Is Coming (Regio 1 Little Rita/Dollars For Dja) - Some Dollars For Django Western Set
Releasedatum: 11 december 2012

When a band of crooks robs a bank, a bounty hunter named Regan is hired to take them out. With the ring leader, Jim Norton, still at large, Regan heads to Montana where Norton's twin brother is rumored to live. When Regan is mistaken as the new lawman in town, he tries to use his new position to get closer to the Norton family, but is faced with an all-out war between the local farmers and cattlemen instead.

Prospector Tom Corbett (Franco Nero) is urgently called back to his home, where he has left his brother on the family's property. When he returns, Tom finds that their land now belongs to the powerful Scott family. Determined to right the wrongs the Scotts have created, Tom begins a violent quest to restore justice—and discovers a family secret along the way.

Little Rita (Rita Pavone) does it all—she shoots, she sings and she steals gold! On a mission to rid the world of evil, the feisty gunfighter plans to stockpile all of the gold and destroy it. But first she must track down the two men she hasn't yet robbed, Ringo and Django. Along the way there'll be plenty of hilarious mischief and gunslingin' fun as this rootin' tootin' cowgirl proves why she's the biggest little pain in the West.

When notorious gunslinger Sartana (John Garko) lands himself in jail, he overhears a discussion between a lawmen and a prisoner named Grand Full about the whereabouts of gold. Intrigued, Sartana escapes his confines and brings Grand Full with him. They set out for the town of Mansfield to find the prize—along with every other crook in the county looking for a payday.

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