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Ransom Baby (1973) (Region 1) - Filippou, Pavlos
Releasedatum: 13 maart 2012

Greek filmmaker Pavlos Filippou wrote and directed this heist-themed crime-drama with Sassa Kastoura as Christine, the head of a gang of thieves whose members include the handsome Kurt (Andreas Barkoulis) and a former Nazi named Heine (Zoras Tsapelis). They plan to rob a thriving casino on Mount Parnes, a plan that could make them millionaires if successful. By sheer dumb luck, casino security chief Miskas (Lakis Komninos), who is also a police officer, arrests Heine with the money concealed in packs of cigarettes before he can escape Greece by air. Angry, Kurt takes command of the gang and tries to kidnap Miskas' daughter to ransom the stolen money back, as well as guaranteeing safe passage from the country. Unfortunately, the kidnap attempt ends with the death of Miskas' wife (Nelly Gini), which only makes the policeman come after the gang with grim, single-minded determination and leads to a bloody conclusion. Yiorgos Voutsinos co-stars with Vassilis Tsaglos and Yiannis Kandilas.

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