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Biker Collection: Angels Die Hard & (Black Angels Region 1) -
Releasedatum: 5 oktober 2011

"God forgives. The Black Angels don't!"

"Brutally Clashing Head On In a Fury of Blood and Burning Rubber!"

When an African-American biker gang is tricked into believing that a white biker gang is planning a war, all hell breaks loose.

Includes a remarkable 70 s hybrid Blaxploitation soundtrack that could be described as being somewhere between Shaft and Easy Rider , and features the underground cult classic The Cigarette Song !


"At least Angels Die Hard strives to be something different. The usual motorcyle bums are in attendance, but this time they're the heroes rather than the antagonists. The storyline, concerning a mine cave-in in a small community, bears traces of the 1931 German film Kammeradschaft . Though on the outs with the community, the bikers prove to be heroes as they aid in the rescue of the trapped miners. But don't be lulled into thinking that Angels Die Hard is family fare: this film packs an adult punch! The famous faces dotting the film's cast include R. G. Armstrong, William Smith (what would a biker flick be without William Smith?) and Dan "Grizzly Adams" Haggerty.

A carousing biker gang "The Angels" live on the edge leading to a classic confrontation with angered towns folk! A story of brutal attacks, beatings and seemingly mindless violence!

Stellar and groovy soundtrack that truly rocks!

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