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Sex Psychedelia Collection (Region 1) -
Releasedatum: 26 juli 2011

Drop a tab and get ready for an orgy of hippie lust.  THE SEX PSYCHEDELIA COLLECTION 2-DVD set brings together four far-out classics from the Golden Age of West Coast smut.

Ramage (Mobility Cathexis) ­– Follow the sexy adventures of a tripped out flower child as she makes her way from lover to lover in search of the ultimate sex thrill. 

The Last Bath – A psychedelic super stud finds himself locked in the death grip of two freaked-out lesbians. 

Waltz of the Bat – A nocturnal sex freak stalks the street of San Francisco molesting innocent girls. 

It Came From Love – Horny spacemen invade Earth in search of unwilling partners.  A low budget freak-fest that asks the question “How many women can one alien satisfy?”

Brand new telecine from the original film elements!  Aspect ratio 1.33:1

€ 36.99

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