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Delinquent Girl Bosses: Collection (Region 1) - Girl Boss/Girl Boss Revenge
Releasedatum: 12 juli 2011

Delinquent Girl Boss
After reform school, Rika tries her hand at becoming a
decent, upstanding citizen. But try as she might, she just
can t get the hang of the straight life. She finds herself back
in the big city where the hippie revolution has taken hold
and psychedelics are a way of life. Rika must rely on her
two greatest assets her beauty and her butt-kicking skills!

Girl Boss Revenge
Rival girl gangs battle it out for supremacy in a corrupt world
of money-hungry degenerates whose only objectives are to
make a quick buck. Abused to no end at the hands of some
rough customers, the girls find themselves the currency in a
brutal transaction. But girl boss Komasa won t consider any
debts paid in full until she has her revenge!

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