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Camille 2000 (Region 1) - Metzger, Radley
Releasedatum: 28 juni 2011

A child of the 60s sexual revolution, beautiful, sensuous MArguerite (Daniele Gaubert) is addicted to sex and money. She his kept by a wealthy man, has a string of young lovers, and hosts wild orgies in her luxurious villa. When she falls in love with the handsome bachelor Armand (Nino Castelnuova), he insists on absolute fidelity. Known by her reputation, Armand's controlling father soon intervenes, triggering a tragic turn of events. Radley Metzger directs this version of Alexandre Dumas' "The Lady of the Camellias."

An erotic, experimental modern revisioning of Alexandre Dumas fils' "The Lady of the Camelias" (also known to video viewers from the classic Garbo version). Here, the affair between the irresistable Camille and the social upstart Armand takes on all its dimensions, but the film isn't an explicit "adult" work per se.

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